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The contest is open to amateur as well as professional photographers from around the world who create and display all the variety of photographic expression that is covered by the field of nature and wildlife photography.

Nature Photography of the Year

Nature Photography of the Year



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“How sad to think that nature speaks and mankind doesn’t listen.”

Victor Hugo


General information

The contest “Magical Nature” is hosted by Association of Slovenian Nature Photographers (ZNFS). The contest is open to amateur as well as professional photographers from around the world. Members of the jury, members of the competition management group and their nearest relatives are not eligible for participation. Every participant can submit up to 20 digital photographs. They can be distributed at her/his wish, but no more than 4 in each category. The same image can not be submitted to more than one category. Photographs which were sent to the contest in previous years, regardless if they were selected or not, will be disqualified.


1. Mammals

2. Birds

3. Other animals (except mammals or birds)

4. Plants (including lichens, mushrooms, etc.)

5. Natural Landscapes

6. Man and nature (examples of positive or negative influence of man on nature)


The competition can be entered only online, over

First you upload pictures in jpg format with 1920 pixels on horisontal side (horizontal pictures) or 1080 pixels on vertical side (vertical pictures). A single file must not exceed 2Mb and it must contain original metadata added by camera.

Original files (RAW or original JPG) will be requested for entries reaching the final stage. Instructions will be send with the request. Pictures which original files will not arrived until original files dead-line will be eliminated from the contest.


Entry start date: November 2020,

Closing Date: 21th February 2021,

Judging: 26 February - 05 March 2021,

Request for original RAW files start date: 10 Mar 2021,

Request for original files dead-line: 17 March 2021,

Contest results: 24 March 2021,

Award ceremony: May 2021, National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana, Večna pot 111

Selection process and awards

Jury will select 180 images (30 from each category), which will be presented in public slide-show on award ceremony. Those will be officially accepted images of the contest.

The jury will select one winner in each category who will receive a prize money of 300€ and 9 runners-up, who will receive Highly Commended award. The winning photographers from each category will have to send a short description of circumstances in which she/he took the picture, to be included in book.

Among winning images jury will select one overall winning image and one winning image made by a Slovenian author, which will receive a title “Nature Photography of the Year” and/or “Slovenian Nature Photography of the Year”.

Author of Nature Photography of the Year will receive a prize money of 500€ and special prize: 4 days Photo-Tour worth 800€. The sponsor of special prize is

Special benefits for all the participants of Magical Nature contest: -10% off for Photo-tours and -10% off for Photo-hides. Sponsor of these benefits is

Authors of all 60 winning images (winning and commended) will be asked to send full resolution (at least 3000 x 2000 pixels) images, which will be printed in book.


A contribution in amount of € 30.00 which will be used exclusively for production and printing of high quality hard cover book is mandatory for each entrant. Each entrant will receive book on provided mail address. Entries received without contribution will not be judged. Payment can be made through PayPal system on address or directly on Bank Account: SI56192005013124710, Deželna Banka Slovenije d.d. Kolodvorska 9, Ljubljana.

The Jury

Selection will be made by international jury of renown nature photographers:

Davorin Tome, Slovenia - Nature Photographer - Chairman of the Jury

Marjan Artnak, Slovenia - Nature Photographer

Anne Mäenurm, Estonia - Nature Photographer

Perdita Petzl, Austria - Nature Photographer

Detailed Rules as PDF here>

Note: English translation is made only for the purpose of guidance. The organizer can not be held responsible for any misunderstanding, regardless what cause it. In case of doubt, please, contact us!

The contest “Magical Nature” is organized under patronage of European project LIFE NATURAVIVA: Biodiversity – Art of life. It is organized by Association of Slovenian Nature Photographers (ZNFS) and National Institute of Biology (NIB).

Photo: Vlado Bucalo

Photo: Marjan Artnak


NEW | The results of this year's International Contest of Nature Photography Magical Nature  are published here> . Congratulations to all award-winning photographers and thank you to all of you who participated in this year's contest! All awarded photos with descriptions will be published in high-quality hardcover book.

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